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● How can writing a resident dot (.) or (,) or (!)...? [In Arabic]

○ After writing a sentence, and after a dot or comma (in Arabic or Persian):
1. Type a space.
2. hold down the shift key and then press the ( ت ) key on the keyboard. Example

● How do I avoid my information stay on my computer or another computer clipboard?

○ Except the viruses and spyware, there are two common mode which your information will remain on
your computer or host computer:
1. Your information is stored in your browsers.
2. Your data are stored in temporary memory of computer.

(1). To erase your information on browsers:
At the first, reject browser`s offer to store your password.
At the end, in your browser menu, select History option, then delete all the websites that you visited.

(2). Clearing your clipboard (RAM) of computer:
Note: When you copy any file in any system, It is paste-able up to millions times. Therefore, it is possible that you copy something and forget it! but that file is still alive in the clipboard - (Especially if it is a part of text) - and there is no need to its source, so whoever after you, can paste it again.

To clear the clipboard, there are three ways:
A. At the end of your work, Restart the computer.
B. At the end of your work, copy to clipboard a small (unnecessary) file to replace your old copy.
C. At the end of your work, press the Print Screen key (on keyboard) to replace a desktop image with previous copy in the computer's memory. Because you just pressing one key (Print Screen), this is the easiest and quickest solution. so the thing that exist in the clipboard is an image of the desktop.

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